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OneWay Triple offers high quality endurance sport competitions for elite level athletes and challenging experiences for all who enjoy outdoor activities. A mass start. Courses set on tracks, which run through beautiful landscape.

Three endurance sport disciplines, three seasons in Finnish nature.

Races 2016

Races and courses are set to encourage all who enjoy the outdoors to attend. High-level arrangements ensure that elite athletes will have great conditions to compete on wide tracks. Special landscape and course planning make it possible to have both the elite and people who want to challenge themselves on the same track at the same time facing the same challenges. Great prizes.

Races start and finish close to the Jämi services area. Participants can attend only one of the three races or experience the whole triple in three different endurance sport disciplines.

Jämi42: February 20th 2016

42 km of cross-country skiing with classic technique. First half of the course runs through a pretty flat area and the last part of the course goes up to the ridge of Jämi with beautiful views and gently sloping up- and downhills shaped by the Ice Age. Halfway sprint prizes for leaders. Weather conditions in February guarantee lots of snow and wide skiing tracks with extreme quality. Jämi42 is Euroloppet partner race.

Jämi84: August 6th 2016

84km mountain bike race with low technical requirements. Surface varies from fast gravel forest roads to wide forest tracks and narrow forest paths. Due to the nature of the soil, paths are neither rocky nor muddy and course enables fast riding. Three gently sloping ridges challenge riders’ endurance with long climbs and safe descents.

Jämi21: September 10th 2016

Trail run in the half-marathon distance of 21km offers a varying route on soft and dry forest tracks around Jämi. The same moderate hills that skiers face at wintertime, offer painless running challenge in the middle of autumn coloured Finnish forest for all endurance sport lovers.


Race registration fee includes services during the race and after-race services with sauna and dinner.


From each individual race and from the OW Triple both men and women are awarded the following prizes:

1st place: 1000€ (Jämi21 400€)
2nd place: 600€ (Jämi21 250€)
3rd place: 300€ (Jämi21 150€)


Age classes for both men and women on main distances. Half distances only men and women without age classes.

Travelling to Jämi

Jämi is situated in the heart of Western Finland. Closest big cities with airports are Tampere (75km) and Helsinki (250km).

Accommodation and other activities

Jämi area offers wide variety of activities for all seasons with all-year ski tunnel, snowgolf, orienteering, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, extreme experiences in skydiving, etc.

Accommodation is available both in hotel with all-round services and in comfortable lakeside cottages.

Information and Online registration

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